Events/News related to students

Teaching a module in PBL‏

Hi All, Dr. Jones has asked me to let you know he is open to a student or student(s) teaching a module for PBL.  If you are interested in doing this, please send me a title of the module and a one or two sentence description of it. Due to me by Monday, Nov 2. […]

TA required for PBL course (Problem-based Learning in Bioinformatics BIOF 505/MBB530) – CVs due Nov 2

Hi All,  Dr. Steve Jones is looking a TA for his course that starts Jan and runs until April 2014.  Part of the duties will include teaching a module, as well as other specified duties, such as marking assignments, depending on who applies for the position. If you are interested in this position, Please send […]

Halloween and Thanksgiving party – October social‏

Hi everybody! The most popular day was Friday October 30th, so that’s when we will be having this. One small change, however. The common room at Apt-living was already booked for the 30th, so we’ll be having it at Mike (my) and Emily’s place instead. While it isn’t as swanky as Apt-living, we will have […]

GSS Departmental Representative‏

Hi everyone, The new departmental representative is: Hamza Khan, and the proxy is: Jasleen Grewal. Dmitry, Hamza and Jasleen had responded to the e-mail, and I had them decide among themselves who would like to serve as the GSS rep. Wish you all the very best! Regards, Naman

B.I.G. Retreat – call for volunteers‏

Hi All, If you would like to volunteer for the annual B.I.G. retreat (BIOF, IOP and GSAT programs), please send me your name by Monday, October 19th.  This is a great way to get to know people in the program (s) and also have a volunteer experience for your CV.  Please do not volunteer if […]

Halloween and Thanksgiving party – October social‏

Hello people of bioinformatics, We are so glad that people had fun last time, but there’s more fun coming this month! This time it’s a Halloween + Thanksgiving party for people who want to try dressing up and for people who don’t have a family here in Vancouver but want to enjoy a warm and […]


Hello, Just a brief follow-up on the social last Friday. It was a huge success! 😀  I hope everyone had fun cooking/eating/making their own crepes and playing boardgames. Special thanks to: Mike for helping to organize the event and logistics Ka Ming for helping me do the shopping Bruno for spearheading the preparation of crepe […]

Bioinformatics Social September

Hello Bioinformaticians, The date for the September social has been decided and the lounge has been booked for this date: September 18th, Friday evening 6pm – 11pm (1125 West 12th Avenue) Here’s a list of boardgames people are bringing to the social: Twister, flux, banagrams, settlers, risk, cards of humanity, Coloretto, Clue, Resistance, Saboteur, and […]

Signing authority for Doctoral CIHR ONLY‏

If you are planning to apply for a Doctoral CIHR and your supervisor and you are off campus, then you can use this attached guideline for people who can sign your signature page for CIHR scholarship. Make sure you do this well in advance, as there usually is a deadline at least 7 working days […]