Student Stipends:

1. For M.Sc. students, a stipend of no less than CDN $27,900 per year is paid. Stipends for PhD students are to be a minimum of $27,900.  The exact stipend level is subject to negotiation with your supervisor, who is ultimately responsible for the costs of your stipend. The Bioinformatics graduate program will give each student a one-time/degree $1000 travel award (Only 5 available per year- must apply for one).

2. Students who obtain their own scholarship ( from an outside funding source such as CIHR, NSERC, MSFHR, 4YF) are to receive a top-up to their stipend  to at least the minimum stipend level. It is recommended that incentive pay be given to a maximum of $35,000 or 25% the value of the scholarship, whichever is less.

3.  Students who are paid by their supervisors may be asked to undertake a student teaching assistantships to help supplement their stipend.

Travel Funding Application:

  • You must be presenting a poster or giving a presentation to be funded for conference travel
  • You can apply to: by indicating 1) name of conference, 2) accepted abstract 3) travel budget


Funding available to PhD students through the Graduate Support Initiative (GSI) Fund:

Tuition funding for UBC PhD students: money the program receives through the graduate support initiative fund (GSI) will be divided equally and awarded to all PhD students in year 1-4 of their degree. This is usually approximately $3,000 – $3,800 towards student tuition per year, but will depend on the GSI received by the program and the number of PhD students enrolled in the  program.  It is not considered part of the $27,900 stipend package.


UBC Four Year Fellowships (4YF)

All incoming, and first year PhD students will be eligible for this funding.  Students must be registered as a PhD student, or transferring to the PhD track at the time of the scholarship award.  To be considered for this award, your supervisor must nominate you and the following must be sent to be program coordinator by an April 30 deadline.

  • Cover letter from Supervisor indicating why you should be considered for this award
  • CV
  • Transcripts from all Universities attended
  • Research proposal outline
  • 2 references

Please follow the links below for more information on the 4YF program.

UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies 4YF information:



Application Fees:

A non-refundable application fee is required for each graduate program to which you apply to the UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies. Application fees cannot be deferred and are valid for only one application year.

Current Graduate Application Fees

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Additional information on the graduate program in Bioinformatics can be obtained directly from the Program Coordinator of the Bioinformatics Graduate Program.

Bioinformatics Graduate Program Coordinator
Genome Sciences Centre, BCCA
100-570 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4S6
Tel: (604) 707-5803
Fax: (604) 876-3561
Graduate Program Advisor and Head: Dr. Steven Jones:
Admin for Dr. Jones: Ana-Maria Roth: