Bioinformatics Social September

Hello Bioinformaticians,
The date for the September social has been decided and the lounge has been booked for this date:
September 18th, Friday evening 6pm – 11pm (1125 West 12th Avenue)
Here’s a list of boardgames people are bringing to the social:
Twister, flux, banagrams, settlers, risk, cards of humanity, Coloretto, Clue, Resistance, Saboteur, and the building manager (Jason) is lending us SmallWorld !
Attached is the doc with a list of amenities and rules about using the lounge. Regarding to the rules, it basically states that don’t break anything and be clean and respectful otherwise Jason will go after Santina and her credit card 🙁
Although we are starting at 6pm, it would be great if we could get some help setting up, cutting strawberries, making crepe mix, etc. If you could come earlier around 5pm, reply to let us know. Thank you! We would also appreciate people bringing crepe pan if they have any.
Lastly, we notice that some people might not be able to make it at 6pm. But since the event doesn’t end until 11pm, feel free to stop by at any point before that. Just call or message any of us to let you in.
Mike 778-839-6662
Santina 514-632-6319
In short:
– Sept 18 Friday at 6pm
– 1125 West 12th Ave, and read the doc
– If you have a crepe pan and can bring it that’d be awesome
– If you have board games, bring them too.
– Come hungry and have fun !
Looking forward to it,
Mike and Santina

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