General Organization

Volunteer Opportunities for Students:

VanBUG is a monthly seminar series, and we always welcome new volunteers ( Come join us at our next seminar to learn more and to chat.

There are also other initiatives, like iGSN ( or GrasPods ( – for GrasPods, elections occur every year in December if you are interested in any role. The website has descriptions of the various roles as well.

If you are located at UBC, there is Lets talk science (LTS), and the Graduate Student Society. For both of these, the recruitment of executives/board members is over in August and March respectively, but there are always positions open for students if they want to volunteer, or represent their department.

If you are interested in LTS but are at BC Cancer, then there’s Genome BC’s education initiatives. You can learn more by emailing their education manager, Alex Chattwood (​). They are giving a talk at the CRC this month if you are interested in learning more (Tuesday, Sept 17th, 12:00 – 1:00pm​, Dorothy lam boardroom – there will be pizza!).

Annual BIG retreat (BIOF/IOP/GSAT – volunteers can contact Manideep Pachva:

Representative for GSS Council – annual election of members

Bioinformatics Graduate Program Social Coordinators -annual election from program students

2021 Social Coordinators

  • Jenkin Tsui
  • Eric Lee