Upcoming Deadline: Travel Funding Opportunity for Conference Travel


Please send the following competition announcement to your students.

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS) has been offered two free flights for round trip, system-wide travel with Delta Airlines by the UBC Travel Program. To be considered for this opportunity, applicants must be:

· UBC graduate students during the intended period of travel

· travelling for research or to present at a conference

· able to book their flight before December 31, 2014

To apply for these flights, please submit an email providing your name and student number to graduate.awards@ubc.ca, along with the following attachments:

· your conference abstract, if applicable*

· a supporting letter from your supervisor or graduate advisor detailing the value of the travel opportunity

* Preference will be given to applicants travelling for accepted conference presentations

The deadline to apply for this opportunity is 4pm on 10 December, 2014.

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