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Hi all,

After the great success of our make your own pizza making party, Jake and I decided to organize another similar event only this time we are making sushi!! Once again, we are having it at my place:

Location: 2203 Dunbar street, corner 6th
Basement suite: access is through the garden! Yes, the doorbell works.
Time: 7pm
Date: Please respond to this doodle poll by next Monday (June 16th) so we can plan ahead.

Will have most of the standard sushi ingredients (rice, seaweed, salmon, shrimp, lots of veggies) and a few odd ingredients such as prosciutto and mango. Suggestions are more than welcome!! I also have some fresh herbs in my garden so we can experiment!!

Please let me know of ANY allergies or restrictions you have so we can accommodate and of course keep food separate if need be.

Finally if you have sushi rolling mats please email me. Otherwise I have to do a quick trip to the dollarstore.


Sarah & Jake

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