[VanBUG] Bioinformatics Event: Training Courses in Web Publishing – Scientific Data and Services‏

Please find below the announcement for our next semantic event in 
Vancouver, October 22-23: the SADI workshop, 
http://sadiframework.org/training/WS2/index.html, where you will learn how 
to publish scientific data on the web using semantic web services.

Thanks to late funding, I am able to offer a limited number of discounted 
registrations for local attendees: 125$ instead of 375$, including 
training material on a USB stick and lunch/coffee breaks on both days. 
Applications will be evaluated on a first come first serve basis. Please 
send your statement of interest as soon as possible to myself and our 
training coordinator, Silvane Paixao, at spaixao@unb.ca.

Mark Wilkinson <markw@illuminae.com>

Training Courses in Web Publishing - Scientific Data and Services
October 22-23 2011, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The course provides theory and practical skills in the semantic 
that underpin the development of semantic web services.The training course
is divided into the following modules:

- Semantic Web and DL Reasoning
- SADI Semantic Web Services

The course provides an excellent learning opportunity and serves as a venue
for the exchange of ideas among a highly interdisciplinary group of
scientists. The intended audience for the course are:

- Industry pioneers in workflow, grid and semantic technologies;
- Web developers and researchers seeking to ensure the adoption of their
technologies as part of a growing ecosystem of easily discoverable and
accessible data and services;
- Grid computing architects and developers interested in building
globally interoperable systems;
- Workflow system developers coordinating computational and data
resources across the web using semantics;
- Researchers involved in web-based knowledge discovery

To register and for further information please visit our website at: 

Dr. Mark Wilkinson
Associate Professor, Medical Genetics
PI Bioinformatics, Institute for Heart and Lung Health
St. Paul's Hospital/UBC
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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