Interdisciplinary Grad Student Debate Workshop – March 30th‏

Interdisciplinary Grad Student Debate Workshop
Date: March 30th, 2 pm
Location: UBC Centre for Brain Health, Room 3402C
Host: UBC Neuroscience Program & Graduate Student Association (NRSC GSA)
 speaking and the ability to convey ideas in a clear manner are crucial 
skills for graduate students, particularly for writing papers and 
presenting at conferences. Debate is a useful exercise in practicing 
critical thinking and public speech, and provides a good opportunity to 
engage with various philosophical and ethical issues within our 
disciplines that are seldom discussed in daily research.
We will
 be hosting a debate workshop on Wednesday, March 30th at 2 pm, in the 
Centre for Brain Health Room 3402C. Members from the UBC Debate Society 
will give a mini workshop on formal debate, and the National Core of 
Neuroethics will follow with an introduction to some contentious issues 
within the vast field of Neuroscience. After some discussion and 
brainstorming we'll have a couple rounds of (casual!) debate on the 
topics we chose together. As this is an interdisciplinary event we also 
welcome suggestions for topics from different research areas, to broaden
 our discussion -- please feel free to suggest some!
We will provide coffee/snacks and a light dinner, so please RSVP in advance -- space is limited!
For more details, please contact Naila Kuhlmann <>.

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