Bioinformatics Student Club renewal‏

This is regarding a request for affiliate membership from our bioinformatics trainee group to the Graduate Student Society (GSS) at UBC. This club is not a ‘replacement’ or such for the current bioinformatics social team, but can be used as a source of money for organizing large scale events within our group this year. I am sending in the form Monday evening (see below). Please find me if you want your signature on the form as a member (find me at the first floor of the Genome Sciences Centre, email me, or hire a spy service). I’m at UBC from 9:30 AM – 1 PM tomorrow if any of you are around there and are eager to sign the form.
Since a President and VP Finance are required to go on the form, I request all those interested in the position to send me their name (+ optional blurb with cool ideas for what you want to do with the position? :P) by 1 PM tomorrow (Friday the 13th) at I’ll send the nominee list out to you all after that, and if no one wants to entertain the idea of non-violent voting, first come first serve rule will be applied.
As a shamelessly corrupt move, I would like to nominate myself for VP Finance already.
Form can be found here:
Please print it out and have at least 5 members to sign. It would be great if you could include contact info of President, VP Finance in the form. If you return it to me before Tuesday, it will go on agenda for this month. However, I would be honest with you, I am not sure we will be able to reach it next Thursday. Both AGM and Council agenda are extremely busy.

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