Dinner & Karaoke: Socializing after the research festival‏

Just an update on the restaurant. The venue is gonna be The Pit, which is a pub in the basement of the Nest ( i.e. in the same building as where the B.I.G is).  We have reserved a long table and a couch area, enough for 30 people, and the manager is giving us happy hours deals (ex: $3.75 for highballs and beers + other stuff) so that’s awesome!

Please RVSP in the doodle pool http://doodle.com/poll/dpwr5bbv44santgd  even if you don’t plan on doing karaoke afterward or can’t stay for long. 

We will most likely have this with the general attendees of B.I.G, if they’re interested, so it’s important to know the number soon so that we can adjust the reservation accordingly. We will use the bioinformatics event budget to order plates of appetizers (no alcohols) for just us. 

Since the B.I.G will end around 4-4:30pm and the pub is right around the corner, most of us with evening plans could still spare just ~30min after the event to get together for a bit, right? ^_^ 

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