Dinner & Karaoke: Socializing after the research festival‏

Hello bioinformatics folks,

Since it’s a busy week for everyone preparing for this Friday, we should totally reward ourselves by having some fun after the B.I.G research retreat !

Doodle Poll : http://doodle.com/poll/dpwr5bbv44santgd

The retreat might end around 4-4:30 since the closing ceremony will be around 3:30pm. We’ll head out to get some dinner and drink. The restaurant is TBA. It will likely depends on the number of people who are coming. If you have any suggestion/favourites, like certain pubs or restaurants on campus or near downtown, please reply 🙂

After that, we’ll head to downtown for some karaoke time because hearing people sing their favourite songs is a cool way to get to know them ! The price will probably hover around $15 per person.

Thanks! See you all at VanBUG this Thursday and B.I.G on Friday!

Mike & Santina

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