Mentorship Opportunity for Graduate Students‏

URO is a student-run and AMS constituted club here at UBC; this September, we will be running a program called The Research EXperience (REX). As part of REX, faculty members, graduate students or postdoctoral fellows will be paired with undergraduate students to design a prospective research project or solve & explain a question developed by the mentor to the general public. Not only does this expose the student to the components of a research project (formulating a question, methodology and putting together a poster), but it also emphasizes the communication aspect of research.

We are currently looking for mentors who might be interested in being part of our mentorship program and working with undergraduate students. We are asking that you please assist us by forwarding this message to members of your lab in the hopes of recruiting interested individuals to potentially become mentors for the program. It would be a great opportunity for all parties involved: for the undergraduate student to gain exposure to research, for the mentor to gain experience mentoring a student, and for labs to be on the lookout for promising students.

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