NSERC Doctoral Competition: Departmental Deadline Request‏

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As you see below, please ensure that your NSERC doctoral application is complete by the program’s internal date of: Friday, September 26th. That means that your reference letters must be submitted on-line, so FoGS can send them to me (or you can also have your referees email them directly to me by that date).  You must make sure I have your transcripts and your completed application (electronic is fine at this time – make sure you scan back of transcripts as well) by that date, however DO NOT submit it on-line to NSERC until I tell you to, so I can go over any mistakes before then.


If you are applying for a Vanier award, you must also do a separate application for NSERC.


If you have any questions, please let me know.


Thanks ,Sharon




As in previous years, we have requested that graduate programs help us to ensure that their students do not “submit” their online NSERC applications until asked to do so by G+PS. This allows graduate programs to work with their students to make any necessary corrections to their applications without having to request that G+PS re-open the application on the NSERC portal.


After each graduate program deadline passes, we will forward the reference letters from the NSERC portal (the only material applicants do not directly provide to their graduate program as a pdf). In service of our goal to run this competition as efficiently as possible, please ensure that:


§  You provide me with your department’s internal doctoral NSERC deadline in advance, so that I may anticipate your need to receive your applicant’s reference letters

§  Your students are aware that it is ultimately their responsibility to ensure that their application is complete by your deadline, including ensuring that their referees submit their letters on time



**Please note that we will be posting secure content related to award competitions and administration only on the Faculty and Staff site at https://faculty-staff.grad.ubc.ca. As of 15 September, 2014 these email list-servs will become inactive, and all announcements will be distributed only to members of the Graduate Awards and Finance group. To ensure that you continue to receive this important information, you will need to ensure you are a member by logging on to the site using your CWL credentials. If you are not a member of the Graduate Awards and Finance group, you will then need to send your CWL user name to Marija Zimonja to be added: marija.zimonja@ubc.ca


Erica Hirschberger

Graduate Awards Coordinator | Office of the Dean | Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
The University of British Columbia | Vancouver Campus 
170 – 6371 Crescent Road | Vancouver, BC  Canada V6T 1Z2 
www.grad.ubc.ca  | www.grad.ubc.ca/awards


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