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ear VanBUG members,

Below is a national survey designed to help understand the key issues/challenges facing the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (B/CB) Community. It’s a great opportunity to voice your opinions and help shaping the future of our field. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. Thank you.


VanBUG Development Team

Genome Canada and CIHR are fully committed to advancing the fields of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (B/CB) to ensure Canada is best positioned to gain maximum benefit from the massive amounts of data being produced, particularly through ‘omics’-based research.
In December 2011, the two organizations hosted a consultative workshop to gather input from a broad spectrum of stakeholder communities. The report and recommendations of the workshop can be viewed here. Although some progress has been made in advancing several of the workshop’s recommendations, there is still a need to develop a multi-year, national strategy to ensure the future productivity and delivery of B/CB in Canada.
Genome Canada and CIHR have established an Advisory Committee to lead the development of a written strategy to advance the area of B/CB in Canada. The Advisory Committee is Chaired by Francis Ouellette (Ontario Institute for Cancer Research), co-Chaired by William Crosby (University of Windsor), and includes Robert Beiko (Dalhousie University), Guillaume Bourque (McGill University-Genome Quebec Innovation Centre), Fiona Brinkman (Simon Fraser University), Michael Brudno (University of Toronto) and Liz Conibear (CMMT, University of British Columbia).
A strategic planning meeting to consult with other national funding agencies and key stakeholders is being organized as part of the national strategy initiative. In order to better inform the meeting discussions, the Committee has created a brief survey to gather input on the key issues facing the B/CB community. Please feel free to share this survey with relevant colleagues.
Please be assured that the information you provide will be administered in accordance with the Privacy Act of Canada regarding the protection of personal information. Your responses will remain confidential and no identifiable individual responses will appear in any subsequent publications.

If the previous survey link did not work for you, please try the following. Please note the survey deadline is this Friday (May 23rd).


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