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Hi everyone,

We are starting a new series of presentations in Bioinformatics Reading Group. I would like to take this opportunity for inviting people to present their work/research/paper in the bioinformatics bi-weekly meeting on Mondays 3:00pm-4:00pm (CS/ ChiBi building).

If you have a visitor coming up or a postdoc who is willing to give a talk, please let me know so I can arrange the schedule and update the plan. Also, this is a good opportunity for graduate students to practice and present their work before going to conferences or … and get feedbacks.

Bioinformatics Reading group, is a reading group discussing research projects and papers generally related to the field of computational biology/bioinformatics. It has been working as an excellent way for people from different research groups to exchange minds and to familiarize one’s self with the current body of research literature in this fast-moving field.

I have created a small doodle for this year. You can forward the link to your student/research group.

You can also email me information below. I will schedule the meetings and update the Bioinformatics Reading Group calendar for 2014:

– Name of the speaker,

– Hopefully Topic of the speak (I will later ask for abstracts, etc.)

– Preferred Date (e.g. March 30, 2014)

If your preferred day is taken and you cannot make it for any other available day, please contact me. We can change timings or set an extra day.



To subscribe to the Bioinformatics Reading Group mailing list, please send an email to with “subscribe bioinf-rg” in the body of the email. Talks info can be found at our website:*bioinformatics*-*reading*-group.html

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