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One PhD position in the field of Cheminformatics/Drug Design is available as a joint appointment between the University of British Columbia, Canada (Prof. A. Cherkasov, ) and the University of Strasbourg, France (Prof. A. Varnek, ).

The successful candidate is expected to work on ligand- and structure-based drug design in the field of cancer therapeutics. The candidate should have a relevant background in bioinformatics, computational chemistry (or related) and should be familiar with protein structure prediction, protein interaction analysis, virtual screening and ligand-based modeling.

Familiarity with MD simulations and cheminformatics will be a plus. Previous experience with molecular modeling packages (Sybil, MOE, Glide, ICM, Gold) will be considered as beneficial. Strong programming and database managing skills are desirable.

The work will be conducted in the two world-class multidisciplinary groups, in close collaboration with established experimental labs. The access to large-scale computing facilities and modern drug design packages will be provided. It is anticipated that the candidate will be spending his (her) time in Canada and France on 50/50 basis. The possibility of obtaining two PhD diplomas is also feasible.

Interested candidates should email a complete CV

Prof. Artem Cherkasov

Vancouver Prostate Centre,


Prof. Alexandre Varnek

University of Strasbourg,

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