iGSN Winterdisciplinary Party‏

Hello Boings,

iGSN is organizing a party for grad students next Friday at UBC!
It’s a great opportunity to meet students from different departments!

See you there!

Ka Ming


Join us for our annual Winterdisciplinary party on Friday, Feb 5th in Thea’s Lounge! As usual, we’ll have free food and cheap drinks, as well as games and prizes! And as it is the month of romance and overpriced chocolate, we’ll also set up a side room for some speed data-ing* — come meet and mingle with a diversity of UBC graduate students!

Lastly, we encourage you to circulate the event amongst your respective graduate programs; the more departments in attendance the better! Please RSVP in advance for a chance to win door prizes: http://goo.gl/forms/GaTj1xEamu
** Speed Data-ing: What better way to lay on the charm than to talk data? Come meet and mingle with students from across campus in our speed data-ing round! You’ll have 30 seconds each to romance your partner with a quick summary of your research, and another minute for the two of you to brainstorm some research questions that combine your fields of study. The aim is to make new friends by sharing your passion — and perhaps some future collaborators!

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